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Tarot Reading Terms & Conditions

1.    Payments must be made in advance of the session.

2.    It is a legal requirement that I tell you that all services provided are for entertainment purposes only and cannot be guaranteed due to free will.

3.    By booking your appointment it is understood that you agree to all of these terms and conditions

4.    Readings are 60 mins long, anything after the 60 mins is charged on a per 15 minutes basis – for which you will be invoiced after the reading

5.    It's your responsibility to contact us at the time of your scheduled appointment. If you miss your time slot your appointment will be forfeited

6.    Please give 24-hour notice if you wish to cancel a session to receive a full refund

7.    In the event of exceptional circumstances and where 24-hour notice is given, a session can be rescheduled. It is the responsibility of the client to arrange this with [Ambila Nath]

8.    If you are running late for the start time of your session, we will allow a 10 min delay time, after which the session may need to be rescheduled or it will be automatically cancelled without a refund

9.    1 reschedule is allowed per original appointment at our discretion. After which your appointment becomes forfeited and no refunds will be given. A 48-hour notice is required for this

10.  Appointments are non-refundable and non-transferable to another person

11.  I reserve the right to decline or cancel a session for whatever reason

12.  Once an appointment has been confirmed it is the responsibility of the customer to prepare for the reading by being on time for the call and with a charged device to last for at least an hour. If the customer does not prepare, either by not answering the call or not having sufficient charge on their device, they will forfeit their session

13.  If you’re connecting via the internet using WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime or Phone and you have poor internet connection issues, technological malfunction or failure you will be allowed to reschedule your appointment just once. A refund will not be given if this problem occurs again. You agree to switch over to the telephone number provided so your reading can continue during your appointed time. No extra time will be given

14.  Please ensure you leave the correct contact details at the time of booking

15.  If you're not happy within the first 5 minutes of your session, please make us aware of this AT THE TIME OF YOUR SESSION NOT RETROSPECTIVELY and we will fully refund - no questions asked

16.  At the clients request, [Ambila Tarot Reading] can offer to provide an optional recording service for readings where applicable. Whilst every effort is made to provide this service, we cannot guarantee the success of a recording nor shall we be held responsible for any disappointment caused by circumstances beyond our control due to electronic malfunction of recording or computer equipment, electronic transfer of files via third party services such as e-mail, Bluetooth, Wifi, cable or any other such transfer. Clients are welcome to take notes and use their own equipment i.e. mobile phone as a backup.  The recording is offered as a courtesy of the reading and does not constitute the basis of a reading. It is offered as a choice, free of charge and has no monetary value. Providing a recording is successful, the file will be held on a secure hard drive for 7 days after the recording was made. After this time, due to limitations of available hard drive space, files will be securely deleted and rendered un-retrievable

17.  We love clients who are kind, honest, personally responsible and respectful of people's time. We do not tolerate any form of abuse. We believe in treating others as we wish to be treated ourselves

18.  Remember, you are in charge of your own destiny; you can change any outcome at any given time

19.  We do not diagnose or provide medical, legal, financial or psychological advice.  Our services are not a substitute for these professional services and we recommend that you contact the relevant, professional, qualified advisor if your query is of this nature

20.  We make no guarantees of any particular outcome although we do promise to provide our best professional efforts, skills and care and to deliver the services as advertised

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