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What People Say

We love our clients and are grateful for being kept in their hearts ❤️

Nadia G, Surrey, UK

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Very caring and articulate


Ambila provided me with an in-depth reading in a very caring and articulate manner. She made me feel totally relaxed and gave me guidance for what is to happen over time. I’m really looking forward to the changes I’ll be encountering. Thank you so much! It’s just what I needed to hear!

"Amazed by the accuracy of the situation. One of the best"

17 Oct 2023

Fantastic reader, thoroughly recommended! Read my situation very well and said very specific things which validated the connection she has and her abilities.

Thank you

9th August 2023

I love this reader! She was brilliant and so lovely to talk to, v gifted and helped me no end. So empathetic to my situation and supportive of the ordeal I’ve had to go through. Thank you so v much and hope to speak to you again soon.

Sam xxx

27th July 2023

A fantastic reader who is very tuned in to Spirit and provided me with spot-on messages and guidance filled with grounded spirituality to help me where I am on my journey right now. I highly recommend her. Thank you very much! A.x

12th April 2023

Great reading which totally summed up my POI down to the exact words he has said to me. String validations about the past and present and we shall see if the predictions come to fruition. Definitely worth getting a reading with her. Very direct and honest.

1st April 2023

Ambila was straight in. Answered my question on a deep level. Tuned right in with my poi, plenty of validations and now several predictions which I will wait to receive and update. If you have a question you need answering Ambila can help x

- Louise

30th March 2023

Real Change

"I have felt deeply grateful for you and the way in which you have been able to unblock the energy within me and bring me back to peace. I have really been astonished by what only one session could do! You have brought REAL CHANGE in my life and did something that I did not believe was possible! So this message is, first of all, to thank you again for that!"

Virginia O, Italy

Put at Ease
"I was immediately put at ease by Ambila who has a kind and open presence. The tarot card reading was really helpful in giving my direction with my career path this year. I didn't realise how uncertain I was until I heard the advice! Thank you very much Ambila! I would definitely come along to another session again"

Charlotte W, UK

So Accurate!!

"Ambilas reading gave me the confidence to trust in my decision to leave and to reach out for help instead of doing it all on my own. I still can’t get over how accurate it was !! I have had a further reading since and know I will have another in the near future. I 100% recommend Ambila to anyone who is interested in readings. The fact it can be done in the comfort of your own home over a brew is also a huge bonus!!! Thank you Ambila I will be forever grateful xx"

Gabbi F, UK


"I had a reading with Ambila and she was amazing. The depth of detail plus the connection she had with me and my life was amazing. Being a reader myself it's always great to find another one who is genuine and so compassionate in giving the information. I highly recommend her and she will be my go to reader. When you find a good one you need to hold on to them"

Deedee W, Switzerland

Most Amazing. . .

"I had the most amazing reading with Ambila. Everything she said resonated with me and it felt like she was delivering messages straight from the universe, without diluting it or distorting it with human emotions and experiences. I was able to get clear insight into all the issues I’m currently facing and gain a sense of direction in navigating through the obstacles with clear guidance. I’m grateful I booked a reading with her."


"Just had my second reading with Ambila and she was amazing. Not only is she clear and concise, but she has a really beautiful soul. She does not sugar coat anything. She tells you what you need to hear and delivers it in a very compassionate way. dont miss a chance on getting a reading from her....definitely worth every penny. Thanks again Ambila, will keep you updated. xx"

Kelly G, USA

Joanna M, UK

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