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Energy Healing

Traumatic experiences, disappointments, pain, and setbacks can block our Chakras, preventing us from manifesting our ideal life

Your mind works with your body and your body works with your mind to make you who you are and to create the physical and emotional pain you experience

Traumas from your past can cause instability in your nervous system. These traumas can be stored in your body in the form of bad memories, emotional & physical pain, regret and disappointments.


Your body's natural response to a threat is to protect you from dangerous experiences. In these situations, your nervous system will hold onto that experience making your body become stuck in a state of tension, pain, or shutdown OR cause the 'Fight or Flight' mode.


I use energy healing to help my clients move from debilitating blocks that has held them back from manifesting the lives they want.


All my clients have had remarkable changes to their minds, body and spirit, after the first session.

This energy healing is intended to release your past and present life traumas and balance your "energy centres (chakras)," allowing for a more natural flow of energy.

Your body guides me to what it is ready to release.

Ambila is very lovely. We had a remote session but I could feel her healing energy in the room with me as I cried like a baby during the session (which is a good sign).

She is really gifted healer. Thank you  


Barbora Hesková 18 January 2021

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I just wanted to say the biggest thank you for that session. You honestly have no idea how relieved I’ve felt since that one session. I’ve been able to love myself again in ways I haven’t for ages, and the way I look at my body and myself has completely changed and that is all down to you and I am so grateful.

Molly Stone, UK

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